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Now you can watch a short video on a sample of our distinct SpecialtyAutomated   Online Trail Making Tests and software products.

SpecialtyAutomated   Online Trail Making Tests ,  are the only online and computerized trail making tests that comply with 21 CFR 11, HIPAA, ICH GCP,and ISO 9001:2000.

Online Trail Making Tests and Automatic Trail Making Tests actively engage the elderly, speakers of other languages, and individuals with special needs and disabilities.  In fact, all of our Trail Making Tests empower individuals who cannot write or hold writing instruments or styluses.  Our Online Trail Making Tests are also green because no paper, software, CD-ROMs, DVDs, or special equipment is needed.  The demands on trees and landfills are effectively reduced.  Simply click and connect with your own computer and Internet connection.   No other Trail Making Tests offer these fine distinctions. 

Our Trail Making Test software products can function on a variety of platforms and can be used with any type of input device, including a touch screen, mouse, etc.

Our Trail Making Tests are the only online and computerized versions of the Trail Making Tests of the US Army Individual Test Battery.  No other cognitive test offers that distinction. 

Additionally, we offer the largest and very best selection of computerized Trail Making Tests.  We offer at least 100 different variations of the Trail Making Tests, including, among many others, the traditional, US Army, and various modified versions of Trail Making Tests.    

Our three most popular patents-pending Online Trail Making Tests available are:




No Internet?  No problem.  We offer plenty of Trail Making Test software products with our line of Automatic Trail Making Tests .


Additionally, these tests  can be quickly and easily integrated with any of the hundreds of software and online tests, including batteries of Online Trail Making Tests™ , featured in the SpecialtyAutomated GREEN Catalog

Trail Making Test software is now available with Automatic Trail Making Tests .

Best of all, Medicare may reimburse for Online Trail Making Tests ™ and Automatic Trail Making Tests administered at your facility.  Imagine that.

What's more, we also offer more than five distinct varieties of each Trail Making Test, from the traditional (most popular) test to the Trail Making Tests with defined errors.  

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No Internet?  No problem.  Trail Making Test Software is also available.

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