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Did you know that Traumatic Brain Injury, a primary cause of death and disability in the world, most often results from car crashes?  Did you know that studies show that the incidence of dementia, a condition that can affect anyone at any age but occurs most often in older adults, is expected to jump 400% in the next 15 years?  Did you know that autism affects 1 out of every 150 children?  Did you know that 1 out of every 5 Americans has a disability?

In a constant pursuit to improve safety, save lives, and advance lifestyles, SpecialtyAutomated offers numerous Online Trail Making Tests.  These tests are the very first autonomous and online versions of a popular US Army Test in continuous use since 1944.  Millions of Trail Making Tests are administered each year to screen for Traumatic Brain Injury, autism, Alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairment, psychiatric disorders, driver safety, among others.  These are  powerful tools for cognitive decline detection, rehabilitation, or recovery processes. 

Online Trail Making Tests by SpecialtyAutomated are uniquely designed to empower the disabled and the hearing impaired.  All Online Trail Making Tests are available in numerous languages.  Best of all, Medicare may reimburse for Online Trail Making Tests administered at your facility.  Imagine that.

We are now actively seeking partnerships with large companies and not-for-profit organizations that can take our rapid, objective, and scientifically proven technologies to the forefront and to the very people who need it the most.

Please contact us now if you are passionate about taking action and being a part of the online revolution.  We offer several partnering plans and programs designed to get your agency started.  Together we can make a difference.  Online.



SpecialtyAutomatedSystems Corporation develops and manufactures online technologies for the measurement of cognition, knowledge, transport skills, visual acuity, and vision.  We provide a full range of online products and services to the education, health, military, not-for-profit, research, sport, transport, and workplace industries worldwide.  

SpecialtyAutomated  is the largest provider of high quality, low-cost online cognitive tests, knowledge tests, vision tests, brain fitness tests, and driving skills tests.  Built on market-proven technology, SpecialtyAutomated   is committed to providing customers with premium online test products and green solutions to streamline operations, automate testing processes, and improve the quality of healthcare.  SpecialtyAutomated  is dedicated to the simultaneous achievement of online cost, security, and service quality results for independent clinicians, educational institutes, government transport agencies, militaries, and national healthcare organizations worldwide.  It also offers a large menu of online tests to improve brain training and brain fitness exercises, and serve the assistive technology sector. SpecialtyAutomated tests are patents pending and comply with 21 CFR 11, HIPAA, ICH GCP,& ISO 9001:2000.  Importantly, SpecialtyAutomated products and systems are designed to empower speakers of other languages and individuals with disabilities and special needs. 

SpecialtyAutomated has established a tradition of excellence that has been recognized with awards locally, regionally, and nationally.  Our distinct patents-pending inventions have been nominated by the U.S. Department of Transportation for a prestigious award through the Federal Highway Administration and extensively published in numerous government reports.  With numerous awards to the company's credit, SpecialtyAutomated has also been nominated as South Florida Business Journal 2008 Technology Award Finalist.  Other nominees include computer giant, Hewlett-Packard.

All SpecialtyAutomated online products and systems are eco-friendly, green, and available in many languages.  We are also a leading provider of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities, hearing impairments, and special needs.

Applications of SpecialtyAutomated online technologies include but are not limited to academic research, Alzheimer disease, assisted living facilities, assistive technology, autism, aviation, clinical research trials, dementia, driver re-certification, driving evaluations, driving license test, fitness-to-fly determinations, fitness-to-play determinations, fitness for duty measurements, geriatric assessments, adult education, neurology, neuropsychology, nursing home admissions, older driver assessment, ophthalmology, optometry, Parkinson’s disease, pharmaceutical research trials, physical therapy, psychiatry, sport, teen driver assessment, Traumatic Brain Injury, truck driver evaluation, and workplace safety.

We expect sales to rapidly grow as we continue to expand our activities around the world, and particularly, in the medical,  healthcare, and defense sectors.

For information on partnering opportunities, please complete our contact form and a SpecialtyAutomatedrepresentative will contact you.

Instant scores and feedback in real time.  Scientifically proven.  Multimedia & Interactive. Use your own computer and Internet.



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