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SpecialtyAutomated offers the de facto standard in computerized Trail Making Tests and systems.

The Trail Making Test is one of the most popular tests for cognitive impairment.  As a pencil-and-paper test since 1944, it remains in continuous by the US Army.  Each year, millions of Trail Making Tests are administered around the world.  The Trail Making Test is also only one of two cognitive tests recommended by the American Medical Association and NHTSA to evaluate older drivers.  We are pleased to offer the first and only fully computerized, standardized, and validated online Trail Making Tests.

SpecialtyAutomated is the largest provider of high quality, low-cost online cognitive tests, online knowledge tests, online vision tests, online driving skills tests, and online brain fitness tests.  

Built on market-proven technology, SpecialtyAutomated is committed to providing customers with premium online test products and green solutions to streamline operations, automate testing processes, and improve the quality of healthcare and assistive technologies. We know the importance of multimedia and interactive programs.  Our extensive menu of cognitive tests and programs are online and truly unmatched.  Our Online Trail Making Tests ô, unlike other cognitive tests on the market, are designed to empower individuals who are deaf, hearing impaired, and those who cannot draw or hold a writing instrument.   SpecialtyAutomated tests are patents pending and comply with 21 CFR 11, HIPAA, ICH GCP,& ISO 9001:2000. SpecialtyAutomated tests are uniquely designed to also engage speakers of other languages. 

With numerous awards to the company's credit, SpecialtyAutomated has also been nominated as South Florida Business Journal 2008 Technology Award Finalist.  Other nominees include computer giant, Hewlett-Packard.

Discover our exclusive Online Trail Making Tests ô now.  Contact us today.


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No Internet?  No problem.  Automatic Trail Making Test Software is also available.

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